FAME 2022: Major Product Update

July 27, 2022
8 min

This video previews the major product update of the new FAME platform to learn skills for Digital Entertainment.

Additionally, a comparison between the previous and new versions showcases the new features for scalability, modern design, security, and speed.

This major update provides a better platform to learn the skills needed in the Animation, Visual Effects, and Video Games industries to become a professional.

What can I expect?

This Fall 2022, we'll be rolling out the new FAME platform, and your account information will be fully migrated. Here are some of the new features.

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Redesigned Databases for speed performance
  • Course Library
  • Course Management
  • Learners menu
  • Certifications
  • Collaboration

When will this new version be available?

The new version will be available in Fall 2022. We'll announce the exact date as we get closer.

What does a Major Update Mean?

A major update is where the software has been redesigned significantly. For example, in FAME, we redesigned the platform from scratch. That is, our engineers reprogrammed the new FAME in a new language and framework with new Database structures.

Will I lose my previous work?

Not at all. All your data is automatically migrated.

Will I be able to access the old FAME version?

Once we roll out the new FAME version, you won't be able to access the old FAME version because both versions have distinct database structures.

In other words, the new FAME version has a new database architecture that is unique, fast, secure, and incompatible with the old version. Hence, once the new FAME version is live, there is no option to access the old version.

Where can I get help?

If you have questions or need help, you can visit our FAME helpdesk with self-serve information. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket by sending an email to

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