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Past and present organizations embracing digital economies through digital entertainment.

Ecole Catholic Marie-Rivier

Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est. Canada.

Universidad Areandina

Recognized for its contribution to Colombia and South America.

Burnaby School District

The Burnaby School District is the fourth largest in British Columbia.

Universidad ITAM

Private, secular, non-profit Mexican institution of higher education

Ebus Academy

One of the largest distributed learning schools in British Columbia.

Sunwest DLC

Saskatchewan’s largest online school that suits your needs.

Centre for Disability

Committed to creating opportunities to empower people.

IB World School

The IB develops lifelong learners who thrive and make a difference.

Centre Francophone

Développement de l’éducation et de la communauté francophone en Alberta


Doing whatever it takes for every student to succeed.

Center for Digital Media

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
VANAS Pathway

University of Philippines

Shaping minds that shape the nation, Manila.

Emily Carr University

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
VANAS Pathway
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We create a full learning experience of your product and distribute it in schools internationally.
Curriculum Development
Video Recording
Video Editorial
Curriculum writing
Exercise files
Grading scales and rubrics
Poster design
Official transcripts and certification
for product companies


Make your products available to schools, teachers, and students, internationally.
Teach how your products work:  We'll design a full training pedagogy for your product.
Establish your product:  Training and education provide a large user base and long-term value.
Gain customer trust:  Your expertise and focus demonstrated through your product
Increase customer loyalty:  Students who use the educational version of your product at school are most likely to use it commercially in their work life.
Reinforce your branding:  We work with a variety of learners from Grade 4 to University Level. Your product is visible to all.
For product companies


The following is a list of the minimum requirements we seek in product companies:
Be a Technology Company:  We work with companies that develop products exclusively for Digital Entertainment. These companies can be software or hardware providers.
Have a stable product:  At least one stable version of your product to benefit learners and user experience.
Resolve real-life cases:  Demonstrate how your product solves real-world challenges.
Yearly product updates:  As a product company, you have the ability to release new versions of your product each year.
Have a free version of your product:  We work with a variety of learners from Grade 4 to University Level, and require free access for education.

Harvard Innovation Labs
Venture Program

Dedicated to furthering innovative ideas by undergraduate and graduate students.


The Harvard University community who believes in the power and purpose of the arts, media and entertainment.

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